Windows Server How To | Export DS records (trust anchors) after configuring DNSSEC.

After you’ve signed a zone you would expect Windows to give you the DS records/trust anchors straight away, right? Sadly not. It is, however, very easy to get Windows to give you the DS records so you can complete your DNSSEC implementation. To do this you need; a PowerShell or PowerShell ISE window (I prefer ISE), a shared folder with the correct permissions set up so Windows can export everything for you into a file, and a text editor (Notepad++, for example).

Just open up a PowerShell/PowerShell ISE window and copy the following command in (and replace the bits in bold with your details):

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Exchange How To | Import and export individual inboxes as .pst files.

Importing and exporting individual user inboxes is a fairly simple process and remains largely the same across multiple releases (nothing has changed in regards to how you do this so far between Exchange 2010 SP1 and Exchange 2016 RTM). Just simply run the following commands in the Exchange Management Shell.

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Azure | Move an Azure VM between subscriptions (Azure Classic Environment)

You may be aware that all of your data is stored in something called a ‘Blob Storage Account’. Each Azure subscription can have many blob storage accounts but not the other way around. You cannot share blob storage accounts between Azure subscriptions. That means there’s no easy way to move VMs around between Azure subscriptions through the website or PowerShell. However, it is fairly easy to do through an app. This tutorial will guide you through the process of moving VMs between Azure subscriptions.

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